Airbus A380 is confirmed the quietest long range aircraft in the sky

by PanAm on November 28, 2007

Airbus has received validation in November 2007 for the external noise values of the A380 powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 engines from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). External noise certification is part of the process for the joint EASA and FAA type certification for the GP7200-powered A380, which is scheduled in December 2007.

The approval of the A380’s very low noise values confirms it is by far the quietest long-range aircraft in the skies. The noise levels certified on the GP7200-powered A380 are equivalent to those already approved on the Rolls Royce Trent 900 powered A380. With an impressive 17 EPNdB (Effective Perceived Noise in Decibels) cumulative margin to the ICAO Chapter 4 noise standard, voluntarily used by Airbus instead of the mandatory Chapter 3 standard, the A380 is easily compliant with today’s most stringent noise standards and is well prepared for the future.

“The GP7200-powered A380 has been performing extremely well throughout the development and certification programme. This excellent result is one of the final milestones before certification in December,” said Mario Heinen, Airbus Executive Vice President, A380 Programme. “The aircraft is consistently meeting and often exceeding its design targets”, he added.

Generating at least 50 per cent less noise than its nearest competitor at take-off and on landing, both A380 models meet the most stringent noise rules at any international airport, namely London’s Heathrow airport – QC2 for departures and QC0.5 for arrivals. This is of major benefit both to A380 operators who have more flexibility to operate night-time flights, and to airports, since passenger capacity will be increased while limiting the impact of noise on the surrounding communities.


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